Micro-Swiss 3D Printing Hardware Manufacturer

3D Printer Manufacturer

Micro-Swiss is quickly becoming a household name in 3D Printing. With home consumer 3D Printing skyrocketing in popularity over the last 5 years there are many companies offering 3D Printer Parts and Upgrade Components. Let’s face facts, about 75% of 3D Printing Parts are made in China. With about 50% of them being cheap knock offs […]

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Marlin 1.1 Beginner Guide for 3D Printer Firmware

Marlin Guide Tutorial

If you are new to 3D Printing and have been seeing the keyword Marlin thrown around on forums, social media and well everywhere you might be asking yourself well what’s this? Marlin is a FREE open source firmware that was starting in 2011 for 3D Printing. The amazing thing about Marlin Firmware is it is […]

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Anet 3D Printer most Common Mistakes and How to Fix them

Best 3D Printer

The Anet 3D Printer are quickly becoming one of the most popular and affordable 3D Printers in the industry. These DIY kits were originally cloned from the Prusa i3 style of 3D Printer. These are some of the cheapest kits available which is probably why they are so popular and they are actually really decent […]

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A Beginners Guide to 3D Printing Tips and Tricks


So you want to buy a 3D Printer eh? Here we will talk about some basic information for beginners who want to learn about 3D Printers and 3D Models. This can be over whelming for some and it’s hard to find a starting point. Honestly there is no wrong way to start you have to […]

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QIDI Tech X-One 3D Printer Review

Qidi 3D Printer

I have owned, designed and built many 3D Printers. There are some key factors that can really affect your prints. To name a few these are things like frame rigidity, belts tension and extruders. The QIDI X-One is a great example of an “out of the box” 3D Printer, but we all know that truly […]

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ANET Mainboard 3D Printer Controller and why it rocks

Anet Controller Board

Anet 3D Printers are quickly becoming a popular choice for 3D Printers. These 3D printers come in various kits that require extensive assembly and feature an acrylic cut frame. These printers are great for beginners and hobbyist with a build volume of 220x220x240mm. The manufacturer is continually upgrading their models as I am now seeing […]

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The Extruder Which One to Choose for your 3D Printer

Direct Drive Extruder

If your new to 3D Printing or have never upgraded your machines hotend it can be intimidating will all the information that can be found. In this article I’m going to break down the most common type of HotEnds and how they work with 3D Printers. The Proprietary Hotend This is the type of hotend […]

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3D Printer Wiring, Connectors and Terminals

22AWG Wire

3D Printer Wiring is one of the most important parts of a 3d printer build. If your looking to build your own 3D Printer, you’ve come to the right place.  Building your own 3D Printer Wiring harnesses can be a challenge for some. In this article, I will give some examples and explain some of […]

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