Top 3D Printers to buy on eBay for RepRap Conversion

Reprap Consersion

Here is a list of some common 3D Printers seen frequently on eBay being sold for parts, not working, used, or just printers that people have given up on. These printers make a great candidate for a reprap conversion. This makes it affordable and fun to upgrade your printer into a high end 3d printing […]

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3D Printer Pay for Itself (ROI) Comparison Cost Chart

3D Printer Cost Chart

Okay so I thought this would be a fun example of how many prints you would need to sell in order to pay off your 3D Printer cost and start making money selling on 3dhubs. I was surprised with the results and the data used will vary depending on your location, cost of production and […]

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Best 3D Printing Tools and Hardware Everyone Should Own

Tools for 3D Printer

Here is a list of some 3d printing tools and hardware for 3D Printing enthusiast that can sometimes be too obvious or hard to find. One thing is for sure they will make your life a lot ¬†easier and you’ll be prepared for anything. 3D Print Removal Tool A.K.A. Spctula, Paint Scraper, Wall Scraper,¬†Joint Knife, […]

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