3D Printer Manufacturer: Dagoma The Future

Dagoma 3D Printer Manufacturer

If you have been searching for the latest 3D Printers on kickstarter or habitually scroll the latest things on thingiverse, then you have no doubt seen Dagoma and their unique designs. What makes this company so special and what sets them apart from the others? We’ll it’s simple really, for Dagoma it’s not just a […]

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Micro-Swiss 3D Printing Hardware Manufacturer

3D Printer Manufacturer

Micro-Swiss is quickly becoming a household name in 3D Printing. With home consumer 3D Printing skyrocketing in popularity over the last 5 years there are many companies offering 3D Printer Parts and Upgrade Components. Let’s face facts, about 75% of 3D Printing Parts are made in China. With about 50% of them being cheap knock offs […]

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