Install OctoPrint Beginner Guide for your 3D Printer

Octo-pi 3d printer software

Octoprint is a free open source platform to control your 3D Printer remotely from any web browser. In this guide we will go over step by step what it takes to install OctoPrint. Octoprint has many features and plug-ins including webcam, slicer, an easy to navigate GUI and much more! If you are still controlling […]

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What 3D Printer parts break, wear or need replacement the most?


We ran a 24 hour poll on social media and we asked What breaks, wears or needs replacement the most on a 3D Printer (besides the nozzle)? We thought it would be interesting to see what are the most common part failures and how they can be improved upon. We tabulated the results based off […]

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3D Printer Manufacturer: Dagoma The Future

Dagoma 3D Printer Manufacturer

If you have been searching for the latest 3D Printers on kickstarter or habitually scroll the latest things on thingiverse, then you have no doubt seen Dagoma and their unique designs. What makes this company so special and what sets them apart from the others? We’ll it’s simple really, for Dagoma it’s not just a […]

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Top 3D Printers to buy on eBay for RepRap Conversion

Reprap Consersion

Here is a list of some common 3D Printers seen frequently on eBay being sold for parts, not working, used, or just printers that people have given up on. These printers make a great candidate for a reprap conversion. This makes it affordable and fun to upgrade your printer into a high end 3d printing […]

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3D Printer Pay for Itself (ROI) Comparison Cost Chart

3D Printer Cost Chart

Okay so I thought this would be a fun example of how many prints you would need to sell in order to pay off your 3D Printer cost and start making money selling on 3dhubs. I was surprised with the results and the data used will vary depending on your location, cost of production and […]

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Best 3D Printing Tools and Hardware Everyone Should Own

Tools for 3D Printer

Here is a list of some 3d printing tools and hardware for 3D Printing enthusiast that can sometimes be too obvious or hard to find. One thing is for sure they will make your life a lot  easier and you’ll be prepared for anything. 3D Print Removal Tool A.K.A. Spctula, Paint Scraper, Wall Scraper, Joint Knife, […]

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Micro-Swiss 3D Printing Hardware Manufacturer

3D Printer Manufacturer

Micro-Swiss is quickly becoming a household name in 3D Printing. With home consumer 3D Printing skyrocketing in popularity over the last 5 years there are many companies offering 3D Printer Parts and Upgrade Components. Let’s face facts, about 75% of 3D Printing Parts are made in China. With about 50% of them being cheap knock offs […]

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Marlin 1.1 Beginner Guide for 3D Printer Firmware

Marlin Guide Tutorial

If you are new to 3D Printing and have been seeing the keyword Marlin thrown around on forums, social media and well everywhere you might be asking yourself well what’s this? Marlin is a FREE open source firmware that was starting in 2011 for 3D Printing. The amazing thing about Marlin Firmware is it is […]

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Anet 3D Printer most Common Mistakes and How to Fix them

Best 3D Printer

The Anet 3D Printer are quickly becoming one of the most popular and affordable 3D Printers in the industry. These DIY kits were originally cloned from the Prusa i3 style of 3D Printer. These are some of the cheapest kits available which is probably why they are so popular and they are actually really decent […]

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A Beginners Guide to 3D Printing Tips and Tricks

So you want to buy a 3D Printer eh? Here we will talk about some basic information for beginners who want to learn about 3D Printers and 3D Models. This can be over whelming for some and it’s hard to find a starting point. Honestly there is no wrong way to start you have to […]

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