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Home Wiring Professional Compression Ratcheting Terminal Crimper Tool 28-18AWG

Professional Compression Ratcheting Terminal Crimper Tool 28-18AWG


Professional Compression Ratcheting Terminal Crimper Tool 28-18AWG


  • Crimping capacity: 0.1-1.0m㎡,For 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector
  • AWG: 28-18 Length: 190mm Weight: 0.35kg
  • Wire-electrode cutting die sets promise a high-precision crimping result.
  • Work with Molex part 43030-0006 terminal connector
  • Good for ATX, EPS, PCIE and SATA power pins
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IWISS SN-28B Professional Crimper Works for Dopunt Molex 2.54 3.96 Connectors


(1) The tool has three different sizes built into the jaws, to accommodate different
size wires/pins. Each jaw has a little ‘step’ to help you align the wire & sheath
properly for an ideal crimp.

(2) #22 gauge works well in the center bottom slot. #18 gauge works well in the
inner most of the bottom slots.

(3) If you have any doubts of the electrical quality of your crimp, you can add a tiny
dab of solder to the wire‐metal crimp. Not too much or the connector will not fit
in the connector housing.

IT COULD WORK FOR:Dupont Professional Pin 2.54mm 3.96mm 28‐18AWG

JST type connectors

ATX power connectors

Molex IDE power connectors

EPS, PCIE and SATA power pins

How to Use it?

1) Grasping the tool in your left hand with the lettering visible and facing toward you,but upside down.
2) Position the connector in one of the three slots, and the “wings” are facing down.

3) Close the tool slightly until the ratchet just engages and grasps the connector.For heavier wire gauge (e.g. #18), you may choose to insert the wire into the connector before placing the connector into the tool.