QIDI Igus Bearing Upgrade X-One and Tech 3D Printer

Qidi 3D Printer

QIDI igus upgrade for X-One or Tech 3D Printer with igus polymer bushing. This replaces the noisy ball bearings that come with the machine. This is one 3D Printer upgrade that is cheap and easy to do. There are two ways we have made this possible. Method 1: Cut the Igus Bushings to size or […]

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3D Printer Pay for Itself (ROI) Comparison Cost Chart

3D Printer Cost Chart

Okay so I thought this would be a fun example of how many prints you would need to sell in order to pay off your 3D Printer cost and start making money selling on 3dhubs. I was surprised with the results and the data used will vary depending on your location, cost of production and […]

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