Best 3D Printing Tools and Hardware Everyone Should Own

Tools for 3D Printer

Here is a list of some 3d printing tools and hardware for 3D Printing enthusiast that can sometimes be too obvious or hard to find. One thing is for sure they will make your life a lot  easier and you’ll be prepared for anything.

3D Print Removal Tool

3D Printer Spatula
Buy on Amazon $4.74

A.K.A. Spctula, Paint Scraper, Wall Scraper, Joint Knife, Putty Knife, Scraper or whatever you want to call it. This tool is very useful when using print surfaces like BuildTak, Glue Stick and other really sticky surfaces. Get ones that have a little bit of flex to prevent damaging your prints. This tool can often be overlooked or be overpaid. Best is to go to your local hardware store and pickup one that fits your preferences best.

Open End Wrench

3D Printer HotEnd Wrench
Buy on eBay $2.25 plus shipping

These open ended combo wrenches are perfect for changing HotEnd Nozzles.

This wrench features a 7mm side for MK8 nozzles and a 9mm side for MK10 Nozzles.

Or get fancy with this kit for MK8 Nozzles and stop getting burned by swapping hot nozzles….

Nozzle UM2 Makebot MK8 Nozzle Tool
Buy on Amazon $9.99

Digital Depth Gauge

3D Printer Caliper
Buy on Amazon $9.99

This can be very helpful to level your bed. There are many printable STL files on for clipping these gauges to your printers carriage. This makes bed leveling quick and accurate. Check out this thing by cgcrute for a great example of how this looks in action.

Metric Hex Screwdriver Set

3D Printer Hex Sizes
Buy on Amazon $21.82

You’ll thank me later for this one and it’s well worth the price for a good set that will last. I can;t count how many times I dropped those “L” Hex Keys that come with 3D Printers and Parts. These Screwdrivers really speed things up and make it easy to work on your 3D Printer.

Rod and Bearing Lubricant

3D Printer Lubrication Oil
Buy on Amazon $4.00

I see this request all the time on Social Media “what kind of oil or lube should I use for my 3d Printer”. This questions is totally over thought. Really any machine oil or lubrication will work just fine. Like sewing machine oil or gun oil, I use Super Lube because is had PTFE in it and it seems to last really long. It is also thick enough to not drip all over everything when I put a dollop on the rods.

Raspberry Pi (OctoPrint)

3D Printer OctoPrint
Buy on Amazon $35.75

If your just seeing this for the first time or your like what the heck is OctoPrint? You are seriously missing out on controlling your 3D Printer. Buy yourself a Raspberry Pi and head over to to install OctoPrint on your pi. This little single board pc will let you control your 3D Printer through a web interface remotely! You can hookup a webcam, connect to your home wifi and there are many extensions.

Alternatively if you are looking for a let technical solution you can also check out which is a more beginner friendly setup or you can even buy pre-installed raspberry pi’s.

Non the less once you buy your pi you should print one of the many cases or thingiverse. I recommend this one by 0110-M-P.

by 0110-M-P
Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Metric Fasteners

Metric Fasteners 3D Printer
Buy on Amazon $25.99

If you into upgrading your 3D Printer with stl files from Thingiverse or other sites this kit will save you a bunch of trips to your local hardware store.

I find the M3-M5 kit to be the most useful for 3D Printing Components and Printed Parts.

Snap Ring Pliers

3D Printer Snap Ring Pliers
Buy on Amazon $11.38

If your looking at changing your bearing or want to upgrade to IGUS Style bushings then this tool will come in handy.

This helps remove the Snap Rings in the Pillow Blocks that hold the bearings without the ring flying across the room.

Igus bearings cheap price

Thermal Paste

Banggood Thermal Grease 3D Printer
Buy on Amazon $2.33

It’s a little overkill but I always like to apply thermal paste the the parts of the hotend like heater cartridge, nozzle and heat-break. This provides a much more uniform heat distribution throughout the components. The cheap stuff works just fine.


These are just to name of few and they are often overlooked or sometimes not even known to exists. There are other tools like calipers, blue tap, multi-meters and other common tools to have as well. What is your favorite tool that no one knows about? Post a comment below and share what you use on your 3D Printers.



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