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Geeetech Rumba ATmega 2560 Controller Board


Geeetech Rumba ATmega 2560 Controller Board


As the core of 3D printer, Rumba’s running is controlled by electric part. Rumba uses the integrated control board on the base of ATmega’s AVR processor. The circuit board is developed for 3D printer, carver, laser cutter and other CNC. Controlling the 3Dprinter with USB or printing through SD memory card. With integrated design, it is easy to install and debug. Using Arduino IDE as the development software, the firmware update and parameter configuration are both easy to use. Compared with other 3D Printer control board, Rumba has one more motor driver and less plug-in part so that it can improve the connectivity and stability. Detailed parameters are as follows.


1 Use the same CPU as that of Arduino MEGA as main control chip, Atmega2560 cooperates with high-performance USB chip in order that it is compatible with all RAMPS relevant firmware;

2 Five interfaces as input for temperature sensor.

3 All pins being drawn out to permit more function expansion.

4 With expanding interface, it can connect the LCD displayed and the development board.

5 Servo’s expanding interface to make the automatic leveling easier to add

6 Supporting 6 pieces of 16 micro stepping drivers of A4988.

7 PWM DC output( heating pipe ,fan), six channels of output( 1 channel of high current, 3 channels of medium current and 2 channels of low current). Use low on-resistance MOS Varactor as driver and LED tests each output.

8 Power-supply: power input 12v-35v, dual power to avoid interaction; hot bed connects 11A, 12V, other sections connect 5A, 12V and add a 12V cooler to reduce the high temperature from the high current of Mega controller.

9 Adopt the popular control board firmware-Marlin, which has good stability, usability and function.


Size: 135*175mm

Weight: 90g


Software Resources


Compiling environment: Arduino IDE

Firmware: Marlin

HostComputer Software:printrun Repetier-Host (supporting Chinese)


Package list

1 x Geeetech Rumba controller board


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