QIDI Tech X-Pro 3D Printer Review


QIDI Tech X-Pro model was released last year in 2017 which is an upgraded version of the Tech I 3D Printer. QIDI Tech has made some significant improvements to construction and features of this 3D Printer. This printer features a dual head extruder, removable magnetic build surface and removable magnetic case panels with swing open door.

QIDI Tech X-Pro Overview

  • 230 x 150 x 150 mm ( 9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches) Build Volume
  • Dual Extruder
  • Touch Screen LCD
  • USB Port for STL Files
  • Turbo Fan Shroud
  • 32 bit controller mainboard
  • Case Enclousure panels
  • Pre-Configured Slicer Software

Where to buy the QIDI Tech X-Pro

QIDI Tech sells their 3D Printer in the USA through Amazon and eBay.



The QIDI Tech X-Pro had some of the best packaging we have ever seen. The 3D Printer arrived from Amazon by FedEx in excellent condition.

X-Pro 3d printer
QIDI Tech X-Pro model

Open de-strapping and opening the shipping box you can see the X-Pro box looks pretty nice. There are lots of photos and details on the box sides.

Opening the box lid you can see just how well this printer has been packaged and planned.

X-Pro 3d printer accessories

The QIDI Tech X-Pro comes with two rolls of filament (PLA and ABS). There is a nice user manual, two removable build plates and a ton of accessories!

3d printer tools

There is even a nice tool kit that comes with the 3D Printer. A very nice touch with everything you need to maintain and service your 3D Printer. This also includes come nozzles with pre-cut PTFE tubes.

Unboxing the QIDI Tech X-Pro

3d printer unboxing
Packaging X-Pro Printer


One you remove the QIDI Tech X-Pro from the box there is very little to do in terms of assembly. Once the blue tap and protective foam is removed the next step is installing the dual extruder.
qiditech x-pro printer view

QIDI Tech X-Pro Extruder

The Dual Extruder is very easy to install and it just mounts with two screws onto the 3D Printers carriage.

3d printer dual extruder
X-pro dual extruder


The QIDI Tech X-pro comes with Turbo Fan Shroud Attachment that installs to the fan and equally distribute the air at the print.

turbo fan 3d printer
3d printer fan upgrade

This is a nice improvement from their QIDI Tech I 3D Printer Model.

Case and Enclosure

The QIDI Tech X-Pro has a really study Metal Frame Case. The magnetic removable sides and top make it very easy to print ABS and PLA on this machine. The pieces are very high quality and fit very nicely into the recessed areas.

qiditech xpro printer

The large touch screen lcd is very easy to navigate and very responsive to touch.

touch screen 3d printer

Mainboard and Software

The QIDI Tech X-Pro features a ChiTu F Plus Mainboard which has an STM32 bit ARM Processor. This makes it very capable of handling dual and complicated prints.

The Slicing Software comes on the USB Key that came with the printer. It is very easy to install and is pre-configured for the X-Pro Printer to run. It also includes some test models to get your printer going.

The QIDI Tech X-Pro is also compatible with third party software like CURA and Simplify 3D. Simplify 3D has a preset Printer Profile while Cura needs to be setup manually but it’s very simple.


Is the QIDI Tech X-Pro worth it? Yeah, we think so. This printer is great for beginners and advanced users who don’t want the hassle of a DIY assembly printer and manually configuring. For those advanced users who do like to upgrade, there is plenty of opportunity to work off this already strong designed 3D Printer. QIDI Tech also offers some of the best customer service in the industry. They are quick to reply and more than happy to help with beginner questions. SO if you want a well built, high quality and dual extrusion machine than this is the printer for you.

If you want a single extruder machine check out our review on the QIDI Tech X-One: https://3daddict.com/qidi-tech-x-one-3d-printer-review/


    • It’s best to use the Qidi Software which is a derivative of CURA. The Qidi-tech software is tuned to the Chitu Controller Boards that come with the X-Pro.
      You could try to load the Flashforge preset in the new CURA and then just tweak as you need it.

    • Hi Mirian,
      Yes, the Qidi X-Pro does have wifi printing capabilities using the Qidi Slicer Software that comes with the printer.
      You basically setup your print settings, generate the g-code file and then send the g-code file to the printer via the wifi option.
      Thanks for the comment and great question!

      • Hi Rambalac,
        You can try using OctoPrint which should give you better wifi range as well as print features.
        I have two machines and the wifi works pretty well. Have you tried contacting Qidi Tech support? They might have an update patch that will help.

        • Problem is in onboard wifi antennas in metal box. Probably I can connect external one.
          For now it’s not big issue as I prefer to check first layer.


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